Phoenics Case Studies

General and Industrial Physics Cases

Phase Change, Multiphase & Free surface flows

Two phase jet Butane-air

Two phase jet Butane-air








 Flow and Heat Transfer in Phase Change Material (PCM) within a Heat Storage Unit

Effects of Reynolds number and aspect ratio on the opposed-jet flow instability

Evaporation of Liquid Chlorides in Closed Tanks

Humid air generator at LNE-CETIAT: modeling activity

CFD Modelling of LPG dispersion

Modelling Accidental Industrial liquid petroleum gas (LPG)

Oil Droplet in a Pipe

Escape oil from the wreck of the PRESTIGE

Concentration distribution and pressure gradient of particle-water slurry flows in horizontal pipes

Redesign of SEN tube for Continuous Casting of Steel

METAL Melting furnace


Phoenics Animation Case Studies

Mixing Flow – Rotating paddles





Rotational Motions


Boil Pool Burning


Droplet Break Fuel Port